Cheaper surgery abroad

Posted by Diana P. on 2012-02-11
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Not only Americans spend much less for professional surgery treatment but they have a magnificent time spent in one of beautiful Polish cities. Having surgery treatment abroad and medical treatment in Poland becoming more and more desirable among American patients. Medical tourism in Poland flourishes owing to lower medical treatment costs and and lots of firms founded in Great Britain enable low budget medical-tourism for American residents.Surgery in Poland is equally professional as in Western Europe and far cheaper. We are a Great Britain located company which specializes in preparing...

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Why to choose Krakow?

Posted by Jane on 2012-02-10
Filed under krakow, tourism, transfers, travel

While in Krakow can not fail to see the Royal Castle. The former seat of the Polish Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania recalls the hegemony of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the sixteenth century. Now Big Ben is a great museum, in which you can watch famous Wawel tapestries, the masterpieces of textile art. Do not hesitate to listen to the beat of the famous Sigismund Bell and look at the Sigismund Chapel. planning in Krakow a few days you can use the interesting proposal private tours and comfortable way to explore the most interesting places in Krakow, such as the...

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Electronics: we are stuffed with information

Posted by Carol on 2012-02-10
Filed under electronics, power

Groups of large and specially constructed, high-voltage are called capacitor banks . Capacitor generally are used to accommodate huge pulses of current for many pulsed power applications. These contain fusion research, pulse forming networks, pulsed lasers (especially TEA lasers), radar, electromagnetic forming, particle accelerators, and Marx generators.This reduces the size and number of components . Regardless of the conductors must be very huge to handle the high currents associated with the lower voltage. In most cases, compensation is not done at line voltage. Transformers bank steps the...

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Offshore and overhead cranes

Posted by Paul M. on 2012-02-02
Filed under maritime, industry

We deliver suspension transport systems consisting of lower lifting capacity cranes up to 2000 kg together with rails fitted under the hall roof.The BOP Cranes contains hydraulic drive and the are adapted to work in the potential explosion zone.We deliver mainly offshore and marine equipment: BOP cranes, offshore crane, deck cranes, winches, overhead crane, gantry crane, trolleys. There are electric-hydraulic drive installed in these cranes and the cranes are adapted to work in the explosion zone.We specialize in delivery the following land equipment: offshore crane cargo / grab cranes,...

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